There are three kinds of content you need for your business:

  1. Content that educates you and your team on client development best practices. [Learn more]

2. Content that encourages your existing clients or customers to continue to trust you with their business. [Learn more]

3. Content that convinces potential customers that you have the knowledge and skills to work for them. [Learn more]

Here’s why you should hire me to help you create that content:

You Need Content for your Business.

Gone are the days when the bulk of your clients or customers come from shared social engagements. These days, potential clients use and depend on web content like blogs, social media, and influencers to make decisions about where they choose to spend their money.

From your website bio to third-party publications, clients are paying attention to the content you share online.

It has to be engaging, it has to be well-written, and it has to be updated regularly.

The problem: you can’t bill for the time it takes to do this kind of writing. For a business owner, every minute counts. You need to find ways to produce and deploy high-quality content without losing valuable time.

You Don’t Have the Time to Do it Well.

Managing ”billable” time is key managing a successful business. Billable hours are the hours that you spend that directly impact your income.

Billable time is the time that makes you money – the time you spend creating a product or conducting a service.

Everything else is non-billable. 

No one can run your business like you. No one knows your product or service like you do. That means that your time is the most valuable. Every minute you dedicate to something other than your core product or service is a billable minute wasted.

The solution is a simple one: hire out the work (of web content creation). You already depend on this solution for so much else in your business – your taxes, manning the phones, manual labor, etc. Don’t waste your business’s most valuable time – yours – on something you can hire out to a skilled contributor.

The Solution: Hire Me to Write For You.

I have experience writing the content you need, the knowledge to deploy that content strategically, and – most importantly – I have the time to devote to getting it right.

My education made me a great writer. I have a Master’s degree in English with a focus on digital rhetoric and composition – a fancy way to say “writing for web-based audiences.” I know what makes great writing, how to do it, and how to edit for medium,  audience, and intended purpose.

My work experience gave me the real-world knowledge to apply my writing skills to a myriad of content for businesses, law practices, schools, and organizations. I know how to shift voice from Instagram to LinkedIn. I know how to publicly celebrate accomplishments and how to ask for business. Most importantly, I know the value of regular, SEO-rich content, deployed strategically, because I have done that work.

Let’s Get Started.

Let’s talk about what kind of content you need, how you want to distribute it, and how I can help.

Let’s make a plan.

Contact me via email at or through this site’s contact form. 

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